Kallitype Kit

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Kallitype Kit with Developer:
(1) 32 oz/ or 950 ml bottle of dry developer.
(2) Packets of Citric Acid, 25g each
(1) 200 ml bottle of Ferric Oxalate 20%
(1) 200 ml bottle of Silver Nitrate 10%
(1) 200g of Sodium Thiosulfate
This kit contains dry chemistry only unless noted upon ordering. It is important to note
that when you fill up the developer container that you use hot distilled water. Heat
water to approx. 150 to 180 degrees
What you need for this process.
1. Electric Tea Kettle. You can also use any glass cookware to heat the water on the
2. Beaker/ Measuring Cup
3. Thermometer
4. Clean dedicated brushes.
5. Paper to print on
6. Distilled Water
7. Darkroom trays
8. Contact printing frame, or plate glass
9. UV box for exposure or the sun.
10.Rubber gloves

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